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We are ALWAYS buying vintage 70’s/80’s/90’s/early 00’s jerseys, tee’s, crewnecks, jackets, hats and accessories. If you have item’s you’d like to sell, please contact us at:

We prefer to buy in bulk, but if you have something up our alley feel free to reach out! Keep in mind when buying, we have to re-sell and profit. We typically buy at 30% to 50% of what we’d sell an item for. For example, if we plan to sell the item around $100, we’d typically buy at $30-$50 depending on size/condition.

In certain instances, we are also open to TRADE! If you have something we’d like and vice-versa LETS MAKE A DEAL! When trading, YOU will always ship your item/s to us first with tracking info. We’ll ship your item/s after your trade arrives safely.