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The “Rare Vntg Story” begins with my dad. At age 8, my grandfather brought my dad home a Detroit Red Wings jersey, and well the rest is history!

Pops was hooked on jerseys! His collection grew throughout high-school and college. While at college in New Hampshire, he would bring local Philly/east coast jerseys up to school and swap with his friends for jerseys he could’t find around home.

After moving back to Philly, my father developed a close relationship with Peter Capolino (the former owner of Mitchell and Ness) My dad had been shopping at Mitchell and Ness for years, buying most of his hockey and sports equipment from the retailer.  One afternoon in the 80’s, Peter asked my dad if he thought people would buy “old” jerseys if he remade them. My dad proclaimed “you’ve got at least one customer here” Peter began producing retro jerseys and my dad kept buying! Over the years my dad consulted and let M & N borrow many uniforms for specs.

My passion and love for jerseys/vintage is deeply rooted in this history. Seeing my dad wear jerseys all the time certainly carried over to me! At age 6, I documented my early jersey collection and kept collecting more and more. Throughout my childhood, I closely studied the differences between authentic and replica jerseys. My collection grew through middle/high school, I solidified myself as a true jersey head. By the time I got to college, my interest in vintage/streetwear/sneakers had fully blossomed. Digging for vintage became a daily routine. While in college, I used eBay to buy/trade vintage snapbacks, jerseys, and clothing.

Rare Vntg was founded shortly after in 2013. Since then we’ve specialized in hard-to-find vintage sportswear. I’ve traveled the world in search of the most elusive pieces, hoping to share my passion and love for vintage with you all 🙂

We hope to spread positivity and love through our business. Vintage brings our family so much joy and we hope to share that with you all with Rare Vntg